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Aether, “A-Field”, Akasa, Akasha, Akasha Chronicle, Akashic Field, Akashic Library, Book of Life, Book of Remembrances, Celestial Sea, Collective Consciousness, Cosmic Field, Cosmic Mind, Dark Matter, Divine Mind, Divine Ether, Ethereal Fluid,

Ethereal Space, Firmament, Hall of Records, Harmonic Matrix, Lagos,

Lamb's Book of Life, Memory of Nature, Quintessence, Soniferous Ether, Sophia, Universal In-formation Field, Universal Mind, Universal Records, Dark Matter



What are the Akashic Records



  Akasha is a word from the ancient Indian language of Sanskrit, thought by scholars to be the oldest written language on Earth with a 5,000 year old history.  Akasha is the term for the “fifth element”, meaning "sky", "space" or "aether". The first four elements are well-known to most of us: air, fire, earth and water. These are the alchemical building blocks of all matter.  Aether, ether or Akasha permeates all of creation, and Akasha is the root word from which "Akashic Record" is derived. 

  Einstein himself noted that his own model of “special relativity” which replaced earlier scientific "aether theories" could itself be thought of as an aether, as it implied that the empty space between objects had its own physical properties.  


   The Akashic Records are metaphorically described as a library; with other analogies commonly used such as the "Mind of God", and "universal supercomputer".  The records are continuously updated automatically with every occurrence in the universe.


   The Akasha may be better understood in our technologically advanced world as a type of internal, Universe - Wide Web, where anyone can access the information freely when using the correct access procedures.            

   The Akashic Records can be accessed through deep meditation, prayer, mantra or deep hypnosis.  Access of the Akashic Records through means other than hypnosis is prefaced on a conviction in the existence of the records and the desire to gain access to them.


   On an individual level the Akashic Records are the recordings of ones life experiences since ones existence. It is ones past, present, and the possibilities involved in ones future events.


   The Akashic Records are collectively understood to be the active storage receptacle containing knowledge of all human experiences and the history of the universe with its myriad of occurrences.     



The Akashic Record in different philosophies



Judaism –  c 2500 – 535 BCE ?  In Judaism, the Book of Life (Hebrew: ספר החיים, transliterated Sefer HaChaim) is the book in which God records the names of every person who is destined for Heaven or the World to Come. According to the Talmud it is open on Rosh Hashanah.

 Jewish tradition tells how God opens the Book of Life and studies the words, actions, and thoughts of every person whose name he has written there.

Jewish Encyclopedia  BOOK OF LIFE – ...Traditional View: The book, or muster-roll, of God in which all the worthy are recorded for life. God has such a book, and to be blotted out of it signifies ...death                (Ex. xxxii. 32, 33- And the LORD said unto Moses, Whosoever hath sinned against me, him will I blot out of my book. ).       It is with reference to the Book of Life that the holy remnant is spoken of as being written unto life (A. V., "among the living") in Jerusalem (Isa. iv. 3; compare also Ezek. ix. 4 ...speaks of the Book of Life in which only the names of the righteous are written "and from which the unrighteous are blotted out" (Ps. lxix. 28; compare Ps. cxxxix. 16).   Even the tears of men are recorded in this book.                  Allusion to the Book of Records( Akashic Records) is also made in Enoch lxxxi. 4, lxxxix. 61-77, xc. 17-20, xcviii. 76, civ. 7; Apoc. Baruch, xxiv. 1; Ascensio Isa. ix. 20.


Hinduism  -  c. 2000 BCE. In Hinduism, Akasha means the basis and essence of all things in the material world; the first material element created from the astral world, (Earth,Water,Fire,Air,Ether,) are the other four in sequence). It is one of the Panchamahabhuta, or "five elements"; its main characteristic is Shabda (sound).      In Sanskrit the word Akasha means "space", the very first element in creation.

  In Hindi, Marathi and Gujarati, and many other Indian languages, the meaning of Akasha has been accepted as sky.  The Nyaya and Vaisheshika schools of Hindu philosophy state that Akasha or aether is the fifth physical substance, which is the substratum of the quality of sound.   It is the One, Eternal, and All Pervading physical substance, which is imperceptible.

  According to the Samkhya school of Hindu philosophy, Akasha is one of the five Mahābhūtas (grand physical elements) having the specific property of sound.


Jainism - 550 BCEAkasha is space in the Jain conception of the cosmos. It falls into the Ajiva category, divided into two parts: Loakasa (the part occupied by the material world) and Aloakasa (the space beyond it which is absolutely void and empty).  In Loakasa the universe forms only a part. Akasha is that which gives space and makes room for the existence of all extended substances.


Buddhism - c. 528 BCE: Siddhartha attains Enlightenment in Buddha Gaya (modern-day Bodhgaya), then travels to a deer park in Sarnath (near Varanasi), India, and begins expounding the Dharma, this signals the beginning of Buddhism. In Buddhist phenomenology Akasha is divided into limited space (ākāsa-dhātu) and endless space (ajatākasā).  The Vaibhashika, an early school of Buddhist philosophy, hold Akasha's existence to be real.  Ākāsa is identified as the first arūpa jhāna (arūpajhāna), but usually translates as "infinite space".  


Christianity -  50 CE: ( The beginning of Christianity is marked when Paul started preaching and writing)   In the Christian Bible, the Akashic Record is referred to as: God's Book of Life, the Book of Remembrances, and the Lamb's Book of Life.  According to Bible Passages such as:  "Psalm 69:28  which states: "May they be blotted out of the book of life and not be listed with the righteous." and  Revelation 20:12 And I saw the dead, great and small, standing before the throne, and books were opened. Another book was opened, which is the book of life. The dead were judged according to what they had done as recorded in the books.  In both passages the Akashic Record is the mechanism used by God to record every deed man commits, and will be used on the "Day of Judgement" to determine man's fate in the afterlife.


Islam -  610 CE.( When Al- Quran began to be revealed to Prophet Muhammad ) In Islam's holiest book, the Quran, the Akashic Records are referred to as: Evident Book, Clear Record, Scroll, The Book, and Clear Guide. Two Quranic example are:  "Al- Quran 54: 52. And everything they did, is in the books"   and   "Al- Quran 54: 53. And everything small or great is written down (recorded)."     Just as in Christianity the "books" record every deed that man has committed both good and otherwise in anticipitation of the day of judgement, and man's fate once his physical life has ended. 


Sikhism -  1497 CE. ( When Its founding teacher, Guru Nanak Dev began teaching.) Sikh Recording Angels: Chitar and GupatChitar and Gupat Keep Records of People’s Deeds in the Akashic Records.


Theosophy -  1875 CE. ( the year the Theosophical Society was founded )  The Western religious philosophy called Theosophy has popularized the word Akasha as an adjective, through the use of the term "Akashic records" or "Akashic library", referring to an ethereal compendium of all knowledge and history.


Modern Paganism -   It is believed by many modern Pagans that the Akasha, Spirit, is the Fifth Element. Scott Cunningham describes the Akasha as the spiritual force that Earth, Air, Fire, and Water descend from. Some also believe that the combination of the four elements make up that which is Akasha, and that Akasha exists in every living creature in existence; without Akasha, there is no spirit, no soul, no magic.   The Five Elements are worked with to create positive changes on earth.  This is done through meditation to bring about beneficial changes in one’s life.   Akashan spirituality is holistic.   Practitioners learn to maintain mental and physical health through meditation, exercise, ritual and diet.   They are expected to have a profound commitment to their life path.   The upward point of the pentacle, the pentagram or five pointed star within a circle, represents Akasha.  The others represent Fire, Earth, Air and Water. While Earth is considered "north"; Fire is "south"; air is "east"; Water is "west", while Akasha is "center".

This record is vast information and experiences of each individual. This is our connection to God, your spiritual development, our understanding of each of our incarnations. This vast information and experience is available to all individuals who are open to accessing these records. The Akashic Records keep us connected to God. The Records keep us on our path to our spiritual development. It helps us with our continued development with each incarnation. We have free will and if we would like to stay connected to God, we can access the Akashic Records. It is up to each individual to access the Akashic Records or not to accept this vast information and experience. The choice is ours. With each incarnation, we will continue to develop our spiritual understanding, and we will have a greater knowledge of why we re-incarnate for all eternity.




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Early Known History of The Akashic Records



Plato (428 / 427 or 424 / 423 BCE – 348 / 347 BCE)

   Within Plato's Timaeus(one of his dialogues written circa 360 BCE.), he states that the beautiful orderliness of the universe is not only the manifestation of Intellect; it is also the model for rational souls to understand and to emulate. Such understanding and emulation restores those souls to their original state of excellence, a state that was lost in their embodiment. There is, then, an explicit ethical and religious dimension to the discourse. 

at the time the Greek periodic table consisted only of earth, water, air and fire (i.e. four atomic types). In speaking about air, Plato mentions that "there is the most translucent kind which is called by the name of aether". Therefore, Plato postulated that a fifth atomic type must exist which Aristotle later called `ether'.


Aristotle (384 – 322 BCE)

   Aristotle, who had been Plato's student at the Akademia,  added aether to the system of the classical elements of Ionian philosophy as the "fifth element", He noted that the four terrestrial classical elements were subject to change and naturally moved linearly. Aether however, located in the celestial regions and heavenly bodies, moved circularly. In Aristotle's system of classical elements, aether had none of the qualities the terrestrial classical elements had. Aether was neither hot nor cold, neither wet nor dry. Aether did not follow Aristotelian physics either. Aether was also incapable of motion of quality or motion of quantity. Aether was only capable of local motion. Aether naturally moved in circles, and had no contrary, or unnatural, motion. Aristotle also noted that crystalline spheres made of aether held the celestial bodies. The idea of crystalline spheres and natural circular motion of aether led to Aristotle's explanation of the observed orbits of stars and planets in perfectly circular motion in crystalline aether.


Nostradamus ( Born Michel de Nostradame, December 1503- July 1566 )

 French astrologer and physician widely known for his prophecies which he published in a book entitled The Prophecies in 1555, which have become famous worldwide. Nostradamus claimed to have gained access to the Akashic Records, using methods derived from Greek Oracles, Christian and Sufi mysticism, and the Kabbalah.


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Modern History of the Akashic Record.








































































 A question was asked

of the Akashic Records 

by Lee Fisher:

“ Why did God create the Akashic Records?”

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