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The Recording Angels in Judaism and Christianity


Judaism and Christianity both share the use of the Old Testament of the Bible.  Within the Old Testament recording angels are described.  In the Book of Malachi 3:16, the prophet describes Heaven as having conferring angels, and "The LORD took note and listened, and a book of remembrance was written before him of those who revered the LORD and thought on his name." In Judaic thought, Gabriel is the principal recording angel, as shown in Ezekiel 9:3-4, where he is "the man clothed in linen, who had the writing case at his side" who put the mark of Passover on Jewish houses in Egypt.


  ( In Jewish beliefs the prophet Enoch who was a scribe on earth, was transformed 

by  God upon his arrival in heaven into the recording angel "Metatron".)


What are Angel Types in Judaism?

By Whitney Hopler


"Chayot Ha Kodesh"  The first and highest type of angels are called Chayot Ha Kodesh. They are known for their enlightenment, and they’re responsible for holding up God’s throne, and also for holding Earth in its proper position in space. The Chayot Ha Kodesh emanate such powerful light that they often appear fiery. The famous archangel Metatron leads the Chayot Ha Kodesh, according to mystical branch of Judaism known as Kabbalah.


Metatron: Jewish and New Age Recording Angel

Metatron Keeps Book of Life (Akashic Records) on People's Earthly Lives

By Whitney Hopler

Enoch to Metatron, the Great Scribe Metatron is unusual among angels because he began life as a human being (the Jewish prophet Enoch) and then became an angel after ascending to heaven, believers say.

The Jerusalem Targum version of the Torah translates Genesis 5:24 as: "Enoch ascended into heaven through the Word of God, and God called him Metatron, the great scribe."


In her book  "Metatron: Invoking the Angel of God's Presence"

Rose Vanden Eynden writes: "One of Metatron’s most prominent roles is as the Angel of the Akashic Records. These records are the Universe’s energetic repository of all actions, thoughts, and information from the beginning of time. They are accessible to all of us as spiritual beings inhabiting a physical body, and we can work with Metatron to help us access this information to better ourselves in our current life circumstances."


Margaret Doner  suggests: "Use Metatron’s vast knowledge to assist you to access your Higher Truth," and also writes in her book:  Archangels Speak:

"In meditation he will take you to the Akashic Records, where you will be able to access the highest vision of yourself. ... His energy is powerful, and if you contact him you must be ready to face the Truth of who you are."


In her book The Angel Blessings Kit, Revised Edition:Cards of Sacred Guidance and Inspiration Kimberly Marooney writes:

"Metatron supervises special archives called Akashic Records, where all of our thoughts and deeds are recorded upon an impressionable and highly sensitized screen of mental essence. Our attitudes perpetually create our current life experiences as well as our future. ... You are God’s thought, and you can connect with eternal intelligence in your creative thoughts. Call on Metatron to quicken your intellect and reveal all that imprisons you."


Hazel Raven writes in her book The Angel Bible: The Definitive Guide to Angel Wisdom, 

"Only with guidance from higher level beings can we unlock the 'codes of light' from which the Akasha are formed. Even with the help of your higher self, guardian angel and Metatron, the 'light codes' will often be perceived by the human mind as symbolism or a library in which books or scrolls are stored. Yet, as we transcend the human mind, the codes of light will be downloaded into the Heart Chakra and DNA, where they will be decoded and stored as a higher form of 'intelligent energy', which will bring about personal evolution, clarity and guidance."


Recording Angels in Islam:


  In Islam the two recording angels are called Raqib and Atid that record human speech each record faithful or blasphemous speeches, and also record human's deed. They are considered as the Kiraamun Kaatibeenn angels, the two angels, are believed by many Muslims, to be those who record a person's good and bad deeds. They are said to double-team to record all the good and bad deeds a person has done, while another pair, Munkar and Nakir interview them in the afterlife about  their deeds in this life.



Some people believe that everything that has ever happened - every event, every thought, every action, every feeling since the beginning of time - has been accurately "recorded" in "Akasha," an astral light which exists beyond the range of our natural senses.


The term Akasha is derived from the Sanskrit for "ether."Thus, these records are called the "Akashic Records" and they are supposed to be accessible by a few spiritually mature individuals who can step outside of the limitations imposed by our physical form.


Supposedly, through meditation, a person who understands the astral plane can engage in astral projection and, thus, have access to the astral records stored there.Some believe that access to the records is controlled by a spirit guide who may only allow you to see your records (like past lives) or who may also allow you to see the records of others. It is in this fashion that things like clairvoyancy and prophecy are supposed to be possible.

“Stop acting so small. You are the universe in ecstatic motion.” 

“Everything in the universe is within you. Ask all from yourself.” 

― Rumi

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